Monte Da Nespereira- 495m2

This is the main resisdence , with 5 ensuit double bedrooms.

Vast kitchen and expansive sitting room, with terracing surrounding the building . Including a large 15 x 6 m pool. Auxillary buildings include a pool house ,maintenance house with bike house, and laundry . 



Monte do Carvalho- 265m2

4 Bedroom , 3.5 Bathrooms Villas with Valley Views

Truly special, traditional country house, modernised sympathetically respecting it´s history and colours. All rooms and bathrooms lead out onto terraces with mesmerising views. The front looks down over the small river, lined with lush green trees harbouring the local chorus of birds and a field with a few horses and donkeys. With marble kitchen and bathrooms with all mod coms including; washing machine, dishwasher, fridge freezer, range cooker, fireplaces , private terraces and geothermic heating and hot-water

​ sleeps 8

Monte da Cotiça- 165m2

3 bedroom , 1 bathroom Villas with views

along the valley.

Set 30 m apart from Villa Carvalho,  this stylish eco friendly luxury villa  offers unrivalled space, tranquillity and access to nature. All rooms open onto beautiful terraces around the building. Flower beds blooming with roses. Smells of Esteva. With marble kitchen and bathroom with all mod cons including washing machine, dishwasher, fridge freezer, Aga oven, open fireplaces,  and private terraces. Geothermic heating and hot-water. 

 sleeps 6

The Windmill - Moinho do Vento 50m2

1 bed windmill with breathtaking views

for 50 miles.

With the most breath taking views, this stylish eco friendly luxury villa  is perfect for  romance .  Windows are perfectly positioned to appreciate the amazing vistas. With marble kitchen and bathroom including all mod cons; washing machine, dishwasher, fridge freezer, oven and a wood-burning stove . 

 Sleeps 2

Monte da Azenha 65m2

1 bed watermill apartment close to the river/stream and completely set apart, this most atmospheric of locations is perfect for romantic vacations. The villas leads out under a huge covered terrace facing the river. Decorated in contemporary country style, villa Azenha has marble kitchen and bathroom with all mod cons including washing machine, dishwasher fridge freezer, oven, fireplaces,  and private garden. There is also an exterior bread oven. 

 sleeps 2


IThe Watermill

This historic building was in complete ruins and has been meticulously restored both as a building structure and the mecanism .  Set in an idylic setting close to the small river. It is easy to use and can be operated by one person. It is thought to be one of only two working watermills in the whole of Alentejo, where windmills are the norm. The previous millar , who operated the mill and lived in the small house adjacent, over 30 years ago lived long enough to assist in the specifics of the restoration. Embelishing the mill with his original oak chest and various other wooden tool used for milling and his copper mixing bowl.